September Soul Graffiti News & Events

We have been busy this summer creating Soul Graffiti events, music, babies, and more. The fall is coming and we are excited to experience the seasons once again now that we have our remote location in the Sierra Foothills established. The studio in Oakland is rocking with lessons from Michael Wynar on guitar, Aziz Yehia and Jesse Weber on percussion, and a list of other teachers to choose from on all kinds of instruments. Contact us if you’re wanting to take up lessons! We also have new releases from both our artist roster and clients and starting to create a catalog of music for film and commercial use. Check us out on SongTradr here, or check out our Artist Roster Here, for new releases and information.

In this newsletter, we will recap our most recent Soul Graffiti events, highlight new videos and entertainment, list upcoming events to go to, and last but not least, our artist of the month feature!

The Justin Ancheta Band performed on 8-18-18 at the Village at Mammoth in Mammoth, CA. They brought their full soul sound featuring the amazing talents of Damian Sol on Violin, Iyawo on percussion, Jacob Aginsky on keys, Richard Jones on drums, and Adam Metroka on bass. The crowd of 600+ were dancing into the night. Thanks to our onsite video and sound crew, we were able to make a sweet highlight video. The entire set will be up on Justin Ancheta’s youtube page very soon. Check it out soon.

Here is a little peek at what we have been working on.

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Upcoming Soul Graffiti Events

Featured Artist of the Month 

Adrienne Shamzsad

Vocalist, Songwriter, Guitarist,

Adrienne Shamzsad is a gem of an artist that you need to know about. She is a local of California with Persian roots. Her unique vocals provide a rich texture of cultural blending, with both western and eastern scales that can melt your heart. Her control and strength have brought crowds to ecstatic joy and tears, sharing grief and praise that can directly be linked to her musical voice and talents.

Adrienne Shamszad is a singer-songwriter known for her special blend of folk, soul, blues, and Eastern-influenced improvisational vocals.  Her lyrics are poetic, intimate, genuine and inspired by the mystic Poets of Iran as much as the folk poet-songwriters of the 60s and 70s. Her strong and soulful voice, skillful and complex guitar work and bold performance style have made her a popular California performer for well over a decade.  

Below, you can hear her amazing vocals soaring over “Boon Carri E,” Justin Ancheta’s original Live at the Center For The Arts when Honey of the Heart had their CD release party in 2016.

Adrienne is an Oakland, California native of Persian heritage who has traveled extensively, studying theater, music, and dance throughout Asia, India and the Middle East.  Her mission is clear: to weave together the threads of her study and creativity into an original musical fabric that moves and inspires her audiences.   Her impressive musical range extends from the sacred to the profane, the mystical to the earthy, the lofty to the down-low, and she is equally at home with acoustic or electric, improvisation, singing gospel, Indian mantras, rock and roll, rhythm and blues and Persian classics.

Adrienne is performing a show in Oakland at the Back Room October 6th and wants to let everyone know. Share this ticket link and buy your tickets in advance:
Even if you can’t make it, please share the event on Facebook:
We will end with a quote directly from Adrienne herself:
“It’s been a while since I had a proper show in the east bay and I have lots of love to share, so let’s get it popping! “
Support her music by going to:
We love you, Adrienne!
Soul Graffiti Team