Audio Recording: Beautiful and Efficient

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Studio Time




24-hour lock-out rates


Our Goal: Beautiful, Efficient Audio Recording

Over the years, when we went to other studios to make an audio recording, our first 2-4 hours was spent setting up, setting levels and getting headphone mixes. Sometimes it took 4-5 hours before we were ready to go, and we were already halfway through the available time that we were paying for.  This left us rushed for time and less able to work creatively.

Not at Soul Graffiti Studios!

We make sure to have the details ahead of time to set up for your session.  Our goal is to get you recording within the thirty minutes.  The sooner you can lay down your tracks, the sooner you can get to a comfortable, creative space.  In effect, we save you money while you get to focus on creating quality output for recording your instrument, voice, or sound design.

Add Some Video

One of the unique offers of Soul Graffiti Studios is for us to shoot video footage of your session.  You can take studio time that you’re already doing and turn it into instant social media.  Check out our video recording page for more information.

To Book

There are a number of ways to get a hold of us.  Either:

We will get back to you with an estimated price quote that reflects the scope of your project. We look forward to hearing from you!