Event Production

Soul Graffiti is eager to help you have the experience you are wanting at your special event!

Weddings, festivals, rallies, and more. We specialize in sound, booking, lighting and have a warm, friendly crew that you can count on to stand by your side through your whole journey.

To help you with your event, contact: booking@soulgraffiti.info

Past Events:


We at Soul Graffiti take pride in our event production and truly enjoy the versatility and multi-level, dynamic art and organizational skill that it requires to produce satisfactory results. We have created, hosted and managed events such as:

  • Maker Faire pedal-powered stage
  • 300+¬†attendee private weddings
  • Festivals, corporate parties
  • House concerts
  • Private and public parties
  • Street closure fairs
  • Off-the-Grid events
  • tours
  • and more…

We love community gatherings from the small and organic to the large and formal, and we come equipped with the presence, skill, crew and experience to show up above and beyond.

We have our own sound engineers, DJ’s, and roadies as well as a catalogue of the best musicians/performers in the Bay Area covering multiple genres.

For more information or to discuss our services, please email soulgbooking@gmail.com or call 530-305-9819.


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