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Soul Graffiti Productions is an artists-for-artists production company created by musicians of the Bay Area music community.  While we are a production company at our core, our vision extends beyond creating wonderful music and events.  We care deeply about the state of the artistic community and the world at large.  This drives us to focus our efforts around community growth and environmentally-friendly events.

Soul Graffiti Productions hopes that everyone finds ways to change the world today, whether you’re bringing a little music into the world, promoting better energy habits, health, education, or any other aspect of a strong and vibrant community.

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Welcome to our Fall newsletter! We have been mostly in an early hibernation due to quarantine and keeping safe with our business. But since mid-summer, [...]

Events, Workshops, and 2020 is coming.

Upcoming Music Workshops for 2020. It's great to announce that workshops have been going strong and we are about to begin our 2020 season of [...]

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