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Pedal Power Events

We have a ‘Pedal Power’ option that is great for events that want to be environmentally-friendly and ecologically-mindful.

For main stage and side stage options for your event, festival, or private gathering.


If you have a specific event in mind for Pedal Power, please fill out our Pedal Power Event Form:

For all other inquiries, contact info@soulgraffiti.com or call 510-463-GROW.

Why We Do It

Power and energy is a major issue in our world but it can be hard to understand. Pedal Power makes power and energy a tangible and understandable subject.  We hope that by simplifying the complex equation of energy and power, we can open the hearts and minds in the audience to alternative in energy production and consumption. Realizations and awakenings from an experience like a pedal-powered concert can make a real difference to the future of our environment.

On a more direct level, we hope to inspire people to pedal more often.  By having fun and engaging the audience, we hope more people will begin replacing car trips with bike trips.  We believe that addressing our transportation choices is one of the biggest personal impacts we can make on the state of our climate.

How it Works

The Bikes

Our system relies on power from up to 25 people on generator bikes.  DC power flows from the bikes through cables to junction boxes.  From these boxes, the energy flows through heavier cables into special ‘Pedal Power Utility Boxes’.  These boxes contain a couple different elements:

  • Energy-storing ultracapacitors
  • AC outlets and DC speaker outputs
  • Monitoring and safety circuitry

From here, we can plug in normal power strips and plugs and power anything we want!

Concert dynamics

Bikes are set up in a “Biker Bar” off to one side of the stage and a pedalometer is placed in a location where all can see. The Pedalometer is a large light that makes it possible for a group of 20 or more pedalers to work together and achieve a shared result.

Together, the pedalers become a powerful, swift, and self-regulating 1000-3000 watt DC power supply that can respond to changing concert conditions. Though not everyone produces the same wattage output, everyone has the same goal: Keep the concert going. Keep the Pedalometer in the green. The higher, the better!

Bands love Pedal Power

Bands rise to the occasion. Bands give inspiring, heartfelt, fun, and slamming performances on a Pedal Power stage because it’s not just another stage in another city.

Pedal Power gives musicians a connection with audience and the music is better for it.  At many shows, the audience are merely observers.  At a pedal-powered show, the audience is an essential part of making the music happen and this breaks down the division between performer and fan.  Pedal-powered performances have an “in the moment” energy which brings out the best in everyone — the audience and the musicians. 

Pedal Power Trips

Take a Soul Graffiti bicycle trip to a special ecological place where you can learn about native plants and ways to harmonize with nature and your surroundings. Soul Graffiti partners with www.RockTheBike.com to give eco-tours and educational outings to some of the most beautiful spots around the Bay Area.  We use only bicycles and public transportation on these trips.

We aim to make these events as inclusive as possible.  For those who might need a hand in biking the distances we cover, we have electric bicycles to rent.

Other Pedal Power Activities

Bike Blending

Human Power makes great smoothies. We can produce a smoothie booth near the Pedal Powered Stage that quenches the thirst of pedalers and keeps a line of people happy.  People love the entire experience of bike blending: hearing the ice crush, blending berries and fruits together, and the immediate satisfaction when they taste the fruits of their labor.

Bicycle Charging Station

Recharge phones, tablets, or other USB-powered devices simply by pedaling on a bicycle for a few minutes.  There is always someone in the audience who is searching for a power outlet and a USB cable.  Anticipate their needs by having a fun and interactive way for them to get what they need. The bonus is that your audience can continue to post photos and tweet about your awesome event.