Fall is upon us. We coil back into ourselves and prepare as a bear to hibernate through the cold winter. If you are in an area that doesn’t have seasons, make sure you find time to think of how seasons change in climates, to help parts rest and grow. When we lived in the Bay Area there weren’t seasons changing and we missed it so much. Not everyone gets to experience change and it is so valuable to the environment, society, and how we can manage and hold all the moving pieces of direction. Where we want to go and how do we want to see the world around us fall into place? The story is being written and you have an influence. Here is a look at how we want to influence the world, with our music, our time, passion, inspiration, and art. We thank you for participating in this journey and staying with us as we evolve.

Fall Newsletter Overview

  • Featured Artist
  • Shows for October
  • Product Reviews & Links to Partners
  • Thank You’s

Damian Sol performing with Justin Ancheta Band at the Village at Mammoth, 2018.

Featured Artist – Damian Sol – Violin DJ

Damian Sol is a Violinist & DJ that performs regularly with Soul Graffiti Productions. He is known for his virtuoso skills shredding the violin, with an ear for the abnormal, subtle, and completely genius melodies that emit from any style he dives into. With a classical background, Damian comes with decades of studies. At the age of 11 he was already performing with the Sacramento Symphony as a child prodigy.

Over the years he has performed with his own group, Las Pesadillas, Justin Ancheta Band, Heather Normandale, and many more Bay Area-based bands from the Soul Graffiti roster. You can hear his playing on the PLANT album of Justin Ancheta from 2013, and most recently, on this video Soul Graffiti put together to promote Damian’s solo career as he performs violin with tracks produced from Soul Graffiti’s Studio D-Room, his custom mixing and mastering room he has created over the years. Here’s a gem from Las Pesadillas from 2004.

To follow Damian’s work, you can check him out at www.damiansol.com

Damian Sol at age 11 performing a solo with the Sacramento Symphony

Damian Sol at age 3 practicing the violin

Shows for October

Oct 4, Thursday –  Revolution Cafe – Soul Graffiti Presents: Monthly Residency – Los Bandoleros – Flamenca duet – 8:30 pm – San Francisco, CA

Oct 6, Saturday –  Cello Joe – Palo Alto Farmers Market – 9:30 am-12 pm – Palo Alto, CA

Oct 11, Thursday, Cello Joe with Lucinda Bell, The Back Room – 8 pm – Berkeley, CA

Oct 12, Friday – Soul G Presents – Heather Normandale – Psychedelic Mermaid Folk – 8 pm – Elixart, Nevada City, CA

Oct 20, Saturday – Honey of the Heart – Petaluma Farmers Market – 2pm-5pm, Petaluma, CA

Product Reviews & Links to Friends & Partners

Rock The Bike: www.rockthebike.com (Here is a quick look into the upcoming add we are working on for them)

QSC: www.qsc.com

Thank You’s

Thank you to all of you for reading this and supporting our art. This winter is coming upon us and our goal is to look inward and gather as many resources as possible to then shoot back into the world with some new music, passion, and inspiration for you to enjoy. Not only is it for you to enjoy, but for you to consider the fact that you are here to be the change you wish to see. It is here for you to be inspired to look deeper inward and come up with a more direct source to your happiness and revolution. What will it take for us to live here in a way that feels supportive of our own individual spirits and support each other at the same time?

Giving thanks to all of you that are seekers of light and keeping your faith alive.

Thank you for believing in us and keeping us going on this path. We wouldn’t be anywhere without our listeners and contributors.