Hawaii Bicycling League Supports Us

Hawaii Bicycling League Supports Us

As we turn the corner of the east side, heading south on the island of Oahu. We, a group of 8 bike-enthusiast art folk, have been promoting sustainability on the island by doing pedal powered music shows wherever we go, and making connections to create a larger impact pedal powered festival in December 2015. The Hawaii Bicycling league has supported us through this write-up to their people, and we’d like to share it with you, in hopes you can also support our efforts:

Pedal Powered Music at Thomas Square


The Pedal Powered Music Festival team is on island! Their circle island tour is pushing the movement towards a bicycle-friendly Hawaii through pedal powered music!

Here’s how it works:
1. Awesome group of musicians – Justin Ancheta, Heather Normandale, Maren Metke, and Honey of the Heart
2. Sound system powered by a bicycle. No one pedaling = no music.
3. Bicycle around island, multiple shows.
4. Spread the good word of bicycling through music.
5. Listen, dance and help power the system – two shows remaining (Kailua 7-9pm Wed 12/10, and Honolulu 7-9pm 12/12)!
6. Your support drives their effort!

They started their tour by bringing us pedal powered music at the King Street Cycle Track Grand Opening Celebration and then brought the live music on the inaugural ride! No kidding, see the picture below! If you didn’t get to participate on Saturdaycheck out this clip – http://vimeo.com/113863911.

They spent Monday at Waipahu High School and got to appreciate the Pearl Harbor Bike Path on the ride out from town. After a long ride around North Shore, they’ll arrive in Kailua on Wednesday to play a show at The Bike Shop. After riding all day, they’re really going to need some help keeping the pedal powered sound system running.

Join them at The Bike Shop in Kailua (270 Kuulei Rd) for music and a BBQ/potluck
from 7:00-9:00pm Wednesday 12/10.

Their circle island tour will conclude back in Honolulu with a show Friday night on King Street.

Join them at Da Spot (2469 King St) for music and some grindz
between 7:00-9:00pm Friday 12/12.

The Pedal Powered Music Festival team is here on their own dime, and any contributions would go a long way to support their efforts and help make it possible for them to do a full-scale pedal-powered music festival in 2015.

Support the Pedal Powered Music Festival!

Find out more and follow them at http://www.soulgraffiti.info/.

Pedal Powered Music Live on Bike

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