So many times you cross the street in a small town to a small venue to find something that is ‘okay’ in music. Not blown away very often, this band ‘Handmade Moments’ duo hit with the right sounds and feel for the night. The entire crowd and energy was captivated, including myself.


Handmade Moments Music, 2014.

I meant to stop at Elixart for just a moment to check out the music and see my cousin, and I ended up staying for their entire set, enjoying every song so much, I tipped them once, and then when back to buy a CD.

Anna Horton’s voice had an old feel from the 20’s, with a new shift of some sass. Yes, the two of them had enough love and music flowing from them to melt the chocolate from across the room. Truly a handmade moment, the song ‘Crazy He Calls Me’ is just one of the many stand out songs from their 2nd album release self-titled ‘Handmade Moments’.

Both singing, and musicianship of this sultry duo from the Ozarks was stellar, outstanding and outlasting the moment of the night enough for this to permeate my consciousness almost a week alter. Listening to them online now! If you want to bring them to Oakland, where Soul Graffiti is located, please leave a comment here, or tell the band themselves with the link at the bottom of this write-up.

There is not too many times when this talent comes through a small town of Nevada City, CA, even for being a musicians heaven of talent, these two stand out! I highly encourage you to check out their music live on their national tour, and let’s get them into SG Productions for a recording, or video of sorts. Maybe a house concert or Strings, across the street (great venue). I’m hoping they read this to get some ideas on how to connect to East Bay, Californ-i-a!

Listen to their music here

For more information on this great band, please visit their own website at: