Resilient Community Development

Resilient Community Development

update on Collective creation. Here is what the group of 7 of us came up with. The ending was a bit rushed, as time was a factor (rushing the clock). If you have ideas on follow-through with the next step of action to motivate forward thinking such as finding land options, I am interested. Obviously this is something that will take LOTS of time, even years, But I have been working towards this for a decade now – so I’m stoked to be making moves to help myself and others find community. I realize if each of us act as initiators with our intentions, there is a good chance many healthy communities may be simultaneously produced, helping create a network of collectives to share in resources and life. Resilience inspiration!

1. Go around and each share: what do you love about living in community? what are your fears?

Fears: compromises, unknown possibilities, obligation for life function, lack of support, conflicts within your home, miscommunications, not getting things done collectively, not strong systems of accountability, covering things twice, not clearly defined collective structure,  modes or habit setting – not enough interaction outside of house or collective,

Love: cooking for groups, sharing, community, family, new perspectives, learning, good energy and projects together, cooperative vibe – people around, colors of interaction, increased consistency, stability,

2. Group brainstorms list of 15 (no more) discussion  topics that they think are meaningful For the group to clarify. Ie: rural v urban? Timeline? Group size? Food values and practices? Etc.

1) where a collective lives

2) retreat – group time

3) business vs. not business

4) maintaining physically

5) maintaining emotionally

6) legal structure

7) financial structure

8) selection process

9) rules vs. customs

10) master vision and values

11) mission statement

12) Timeline

13) Group Size

14) Food Values

15) Practices

3. each person takes 10 minutes to reflect on what they want as a community. Encourage people to write and draw.

4.. Go around and each share vision with the group.

5. Debrief open discussion:

a) how did it feel to create your own vision?

b) what was it like hearing others share?

c) in what ways are your visions aligned? social, environmental,

7. To finish each say three words: 1–how home feels, 2–how home smells, 3–how home tastes


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