Aquaponics at Conrad Beach.

Aquaponics at Conrad Beach.

Hey, stoked to get things rolling here at Conrad. We have lettuce planted and growing in the system, the fish are to be delivered tomorrow. It has been quite a lot of work to get this running as it is, and I’m sure it will be some upkeep along the way. I have checked water quality levels and it seems as though the ammonia has decreased and the Nitrates of increased, meaning the bacteria has formed in a healthy way to produce the nutrients for the plants. Some of the roots are showing in the plants which is a sign of mature growth and they are able to start cycling the water appropriately back into the fish tank. I’ll post updates as I go along. Other then the occasional over-spillage from part of the system stopping, all as worked well. I still need to add in the rain water catchment drainage pipe so when it rains, it adds water to the system, but all excess water can go into a holding tank close by for other garden use.

The first party to come check the system out, as well as meet your local Glen Park neighbors will be held June 2nd from 2-6 pm for a late brunch. Please bring a drink or snack to share, and/or donation to help fund this project. So far it has just been me investing about $500 into the c, but my hopes are to be able to share fish, greens, with you all in the future. Anyone that can help with a $50 donation or more will get invited back for a meal at conrad beach from the garden (and local CSA farmers). Here is the facebook invite, please spread the word and RSVP. We only have room for 30 guests that day so it’s good to RSVP and let us know how many guests you might be bringing yourself.

Hope to see you there! – A discussion on local collectively owned art communes, as well as ayurveda cooking practices by Lea Grant (Conrad Beachian) at 2 pm. Suggested Donation for Ayuveda cooking class and conrad beach benefit party is $25.


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