It was a windy evening. We were on a medium sized house boat with 3 stories. The middle had a 50 person venue to the back with seating for all. The night was sold out in advanced due to the fact that this new band, of highly experienced musicians, were going to grace the stage at 6:30 pm. Bolo is the band name. The are Evan Fraser, Eliyahu Sills, and Surya Prakasha. They play devotional music primarily from the middle east, but highly influenced by the west. Deep pocket rhythms mixed with Ngoni, Thumb Drum, andBolo even beatboxing-mouth harp, the three musicians laid a foundation for the entire audience to commune with their creator. Their 3rd performance ever played together, they already received reviews from past shows stating they we’re aplauded with a standing-ovation at a venue that never does such a thing. The trio obviously is working with some intricacies people are picking up on, whether they know why or what it is, it’s still to be found.

Nothing short of a musical experience with the devine, Bolo rocked the boat in the windy Emeryville boat dock for an astounding performance of creativity and improvisation.

There next show is this Saturday November 2nd at La Pena, in Berkeley. Here is the info. Join as you may. If you are interested in seeing some more acoustic music just before this performance in Oakland, come check out the house warming party at ‘The Loft’ 1708 Filbert street in Oakland. The music should be kicking off by 5:30 in the backyard, a great sunny day warm up for Bolo at 8 pm start time.

San Francisco, CA

Saturday | December 21


Acoustic Global Fusion with a Serious Groove

Red Poppy Art House

698 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94110