Video Recording

Professional Video and Audio

Our video team works seamlessly with our audio team allowing for both to be captured at optimum quality and rendered together to produce professional videos for your music project, business, or event promotion.


Our prices are affordable at $125/hr for the video/audio shoot. We include 3 free prep hours for pre-production conversation to allow for you to maximize your time in the studio. Our team and facility ensures quality lighting, sound and video focusing on the mood and look you are going for. We also make sure our facility is set up for your specific shots before you arrive, allowing you to be in go-mode from the time you walk in the door.

Drone video rates: $350/hr and includes an extra phone or in person pre-production 12642774_10153233684746962_6338192233791882845_n.jpgsession up to 1.5-free-hour to ensure we have all your bases covered for your satisfaction of our work. Example VIDEO here.

Post Production Rates: Our video/audio editing rate is $75/hr.

Photo Shoots: $125/hr and includes images edited in post production at the rate of the photo session.


Please fill out our FORM HERE, and we can get back to you with an estimated price quote that reflects the scope of your project. We look forward to hearing from you!


Please call us at 510-463-GROW or email us at for questions and information.