8 02, 2018

February 2018 Newsletter

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February 2018 Soul Graffiti Newsletter Hello Friends, Family, and Fans! Big news coming out of Soul Graffiti Studios this month! This issue Featuring Cello Joe and the news that the Justin Ancheta Band Will be Rolling in with bike powered sound at SXSW this year in Austin, Texas! Ancheta has been waiting to play at this event for [...]

2 09, 2013

Trips to another world

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Trips to another world - Northern California's Rivers (Yuba/American) to the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. August, 2013. I have travelled far and wide, to find once again, where I am is all there is. This past recent trip has effected me profoundly. I travelled with my cousin - Steve and The Yuba River, California. photo: [...]

13 03, 2012

Bay Rising Tour April 19th-28th – Recap

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BAY RISING TOUR 2012 - Recap! - Please check links for articles, pics, video, and ways to get involved in future events. Bowerbird Photography 2012. Bay rising Press and Stories: From Justin Ancheta's Perspective - Recap: (Please email - to share a personal story and add it to the collection on [...]