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Project Description

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Tiny Home is Sonya Cotton and Gabe Dominguez. Sonya and Gabe have been singing together nearly since the day they met, in August 2007.

Their repertoire spans a wide variety of genres, including original and traditional folk songs, musical theater classics, jazz standards, and composers from Tom Waits to Townes Van Zandt.  They’ve recorded two albums: a self-titled collection of  ballads released in 2011, and a Christmas album entitled “Christmas Carols for Our Mothers,” released in 2009, both of which can be heard here.

Both Gabe and Sonya are driven, personally and musically, by a deep love for wild places and creatures. They have completed three week-long music/walking tours up the California coast performing tiny concerts in small towns along the way, carrying their guitar on their back.  Their future vision includes a train tour of the Pacific Northwest and a tour by canoe down the Delaware River.

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