September Newsletter – Soul Graffiti Studios

September Newsletter – Soul Graffiti Studios

What’s Happening in August at Soul Graffiti?

In this newsletter you will find tidbits of what’s happening this month and in months to come, plus what to get involved in our weekly collaborations in music. Here we go!

It’s with great pleasure that we are announcing we are a Solar Powered Studio! More info on this in the “Our past and where we are now – A Story” portion of this blog, with a picture of the array. 

We are also pleased to keep Beer & Beats rolling weekly, serving an array of people of all ages, color, gender, and musical styles. To get involved find us on here and RSVP. Folks get to share their music and talk and meet real other people that can give feedback on your mix, or just hang out and enjoy and have a beer with new friends. 

Honey of the Heart has fused with BrightSide Blue. These two bands have had a run of shows up and down the coast with their super band, adding some heavy bass and drums to the mix. They are scheduled to release a full band album and DVD digitally in October. We are featuring it here in our August blog post so folks can plan again and get the word out. They plan to hit up multiple cities in northern California, so keep an eye out for this super band, and watch out on our ‘Events Happening’ section of this blog. Their newest singles are leading to the album release on 10-28-22! Catch the singles by clicking on the CFTA images to the right, or on these names here: “5000 Souls“, “Common Ground, “You Are The Sun“.

Events Happening

Our past and where we are now — A story

Long ago we had a dream to have an artist for artist collective label that supported the arts and local community, creating family connections in the urban environment. Now with over a decade of existence at our location on San Pablo Avenue, you can start to see bits and pieces of the vision not only coming to life, but functionally happening now!

We now have a Solar Powered studio where you can make your music using the sun’s power! The image below shows the solar array that powers usat Soul Graffiti, Rock The Bike, and The Place For Sustainability. The block has transformed into a music, bike, and eco-culture hub that you should definitely check out and plug in somewhere if you haven’t been by yet (6323 San Pablo Ave).

We came from a pretty humble background of eco hackers working from garages, tinkering with bikes and playing music. We’d travel by bike and train across the country sleeping in random areas hopefully by a stream and wake up dreaming up how the world could be a better place. We aren’t there yet, but it is sweet to see a glimpse or a nook of inspiration in the city that hopefully can spread some joy and connection. 

In 2008, I was busking on the streets of San Francisco, pretty disillusioned with society and how we were affecting the environment. Some bikers came by and noticed the music and offered to perform at the first ever Bicycle Music Festival. I ended up playing Alemany Market at 7:30 in the morning on a very small pedal powered sound system. That day changed the next decade of my life in drastic ways. I ended up traveling the world with these new friends performing across parts of Europe and the United States coast to coast. In 2012 we got the opportunity to start collaborating on having a physical space to start tinkering more seriously in our passions. Rock The Bike grew threefold and the Studio of Soul Graffiti was born in about 4 years of hard work. We now have regular music creations happening weekly at the studio that you can get involved in (see our events part of this blog)

Here I am now the proud owner of Soul Graffiti Studios, collaborating with my friends of Rock The Bike and the Place for Sustainable Living, and living a dream of passing inspiration, music, and connection to each other and yourself along the way. 

I hope you got something out of our quick blog post. We hope to keep up with this more in the months to come as we emerge back from the pandemic and a long hiatus away from live events. 

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