Dear Soul Graffiti Fam,

Thanks for checking back in with us. It seems like the world went through a pandemic or something! We are slowly emerging and peaking out head out, wondering if we remember how to do events and get back into the groove of things. I keep telling myself it’s like riding a bike; no problem! It comes in waves of joy for the opening world and ways to connect in person with you all again, and also reservation from patterns taught through protecting each other for the past one to two years. This said, we are excited to be offering an array of classes, events, lessons, and culture. It is a dream to positively affect our community by doing our work. I’ll say more after the show list for those interested, but for now, here’s what’s to come! Please RSVP and support by signing up and sharing events that look fun and exciting to you.

Between SF Garnish Music doing a new session every 1-2 months in sound design classes, new Academy students and Producer Program students every quarter, and Soul Graffiti events coming back, we have been pretty maxed for time. One thing to keep us grounded is the reminder of space and time. Allowing for rest and relaxation and knowing that this hustle is to help us produce more rest and relaxation, fun times ahead. Between just getting back from a nice tour of middle Mexico, to the coming into the summer and planning for fairs and festivals we are looking forward to, we are right in a nice sandwich of goodness, ready to eat up and enjoy all the bits of life that come our way. I hope you find joy in your day, rest and play. We look forward to seeing you at an event soon and please, share and support by going to an event. If you can’t go in-person, then check out the livestreams happening weekly from SF Garnish, Honey of the Heart, & Justin Ancheta Band.

All our love,

The Soul Graffiti Team