March News & Shows

March News & Shows

Soul Graffiti News and Shows Update:

March is happening at Soul Graffiti Events! This year is starting off quickly, with house concerts, regional tours, and studio updates of our dreams coming true. Our sneak peak video of the studio is here for you (see below). And we have a full audio video studio ready! exciting. Okay, On to the shows:

  • March 19th – Honey of the Heart House concert in Oakland [SOLD OUT]. 3/19/17
  • Just In Time: March of the Justin’s House Concert 3/18/17 – 5-8 pm
  • Heather Normandale at Elixart 3/10/17 – 8-11 pm
  • Blackbird at the Golden Era, Thursday 3/9/17 – 8 pm
  • Live Ramp (private event) in SF – 3500 person Live DJ and Musicians with Soul Graffiti’s top entertainer team 3/5-3/7
  • CDS [Children’s Day School SF] Students at an all-time high in learning Ukulele, Guitar, Cajon, Piano, Vocals, and group workshops! Soul Graffiti is rolling out a new program for enrichment sign ups for 2017/2018 after school programs in the Bay Area.

Some ideas we’ve been toying with to create our vibrant music community of our dreams:

  • Soul Graffiti Radio – Contact us by leaving a comment if you have ideas for the best blogging or online radio sites to use. We are interested in live-streaming our sessions from our studio and making relevant topics for the artists coming through to converse on why they play music, how they write, and how we may be the change we wish to see by using our time and passion as we do.
  • Soul Graffiti Patreon – Collaborating with our vast artist community to create world sounds and new ideas using the technologies we have at Soul Graffiti Studios.
  • Live in studio performances by musicians from all over the world. We are starting with our local artist roster. Check back soon to see the video’s and interviews we are creating.
  • Workshops: Ableton Production workshops, PR and marketing, Booking, Music-Making, DJ’ing, and connecting to the inspiration you want. More soon on our workshops page.
  • We want to hear from you! Please comment below if you want Soul Graffiti to come to your hometown. We produce Pedal Power Music while partnering with Rock The Bike pedal power sound, and produce full schedules for festivals regionally. Contact us below or email:






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