Healing – Making Community Happen

$35.00 / month

When you feel like you want to be a part of something bigger that is also tending the small feelings and human experiences, this monthly subscription is for you. We at Soul Graffiti are dedicated to producing events both public and private and supporting the transition to seeing art and culture rather than just entertainment. The celebration of life, ritual, and ceremony is a goal to connect each other with our most human experience of ourselves first, and then each other.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and support the vision of creating an online and in-person space for connection and healing through shared art forms.


We have been creating community events and happenings for over 20 years. We’ve directed Love Our Neighborhood Day in Oakland bringing 13K+ attendees to the streets to play, celebrate, and enjoy a safe, car-free environment on a state highway. The only California State Highway that this has taken place on. And each year we offer more offerings into the healing realms of smaller community events, often entailing music and intentions.

This subscription gets you access to all of our live-stream shows for free, plus first look at content creations before the masses get their eyes on it.

We are creating events throughout the world that are working to connect each other to our humanity. By your support, we are working to engage our deepest passions for personal growth and transformation and send out a wave of goodness. Your monthly contribution supports the movement and ideas to spawn out into the world and take flight.

With each event, we hope to work on asking the question of “Who Are You Now?” and get to the root of who you are, and who you want to become, breaking down the walls that may get in the way or change and invite you into a space for transformation and healing.

Why wait for tomorrow to create the world we want to live in? Let’s start with each day, each hour or minute; each breath.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it finds you with curiosity, peering into the possibility of change for yourself and others.

Here is a list of annual events we plan to create:

  • Healing arts festival of Northern California. Bringing together the arts of somatic therapies, dance and movement, music, massage, and compassionate communication
  • Small 5-12 person group facilitated healing and transformation sessions
  • Concerts throughout the region focused on celebration, health, and wellness
  • Continue teaching music and production at our Bay Area studio location, in hopes that more folks find resilience, inspiration, and passion in their work and daily life.


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