Thank you graduates / $100 referral bonus / Ableton Tip of the Day

Thank you graduates / $100 referral bonus / Ableton Tip of the Day

Dear musicians and performers, 

Upcoming shows for this month are looking amazing! Check out Honey of the Heart at the Celtic Festival 9/28th-29th, Justin Ancheta at Yosemite’s Evergreen Lodge 8/31/19, SHAKE YOUR PEACE! new album dropping soon, Honey of the Heart again at Soul Play Festival on 9/20/19 and Strings in Oakland 10/2/19. The new Honey of the Heart album is being mastered TODAY with Oz Fritz, teacher at Garnish Music Productions and mixing and mastering producer extraordinaire.

We had a great time teaching and facilitating the workshops at Soul Graffiti this summer. Congrats to the graduates of the three workshops that finished in August and a big shout out to our awesome instructors.Thank you all for being a part of Garnish Music Productions, Oakland. 

Referral Bonus!

Great news! We also have a referral program set up that if you refer any friend or family member that signs up with us, you will receive $100! That’s right, you can use it however you wish. Just spread the word about Garnish Music Productions SF and when your friend signs up and mentions your name, we’ll send you $100 as a thank you.make sure they reference you to receive the $100 referral program gift. 

And if you’re so moved, please leave us a review on our Yelp page!

Tip of the Day

Our latest TIPS AND TRICKS in Ableton is up. Check it out here


New Courses!

New classes are just around the corner! Our next sessions begin in mid-September, offering classes in mixing and mastering and specializing in all DAWs, Ableton, Logic, and Pro Tools. We also have a DJ workshop focuses on the gear and techniques to rock the room. 

As always, you can find out more on our website.

Ableton Certified!

Lastly, check out Garnish on the official Ableton website. Our Bay Area branch is officially certified and listed, thanks to Garnish Music Productions. 

We value your time and will keep this nice and short. If you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to email or call us directly. 

Have a great rest of your summer!

Kind regards,

Justin Ancheta & Alex Scammon

Soul Graffiti Studios &

Garnish Music Productions SF


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