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Hello world!

Health comes from the internal body and it’s connection to what is around us. Our mind, body, and spirit, are all integrative parts to the concept. I work in music. I mostly would say this is a mind and spirit practice, however, sometimes if you get dancing and moving it can also incorporate your body. My life has been opening to so many new findings that are actually ancient ways of sustaining health of all three of yourselves. Ayurveda medicine, yoga, food consciousness, and music, have been picking me up to a level of being that gives me a hope that as my body changes and shifts heading into my thirties, I can not only sustain my health, but uplift my health entirely.

Qi Gong, Thai Chi, or even a more intense physical work of capoeira, are incredible ways to balance the shakras and energy of your body. Even running intentionally can help. Meditation and breathing practices is another. I use a didgeridoo to focus my breathe and concentration. With this said, I believe this is the most beneficial practice of music. The personal enjoyment and self-fulfilling that can come from a technique practiced to refinement acts as meditation does. And then when you are along this journey of selfishness, you are honing a skill to share and give to others; the balance of selfishness and selflessness.

As a listener to music, vibration and intent can sometimes take people into the same realm that the musician feels, sometimes as deep as in the first creation or idea that moved the musician to play the notes and tones; cradled duende is a term I use for such an event.

Here at Conrad Beach in San Francisco I have been gifted with an amazing community of musicians, healers, and activists. I have learned how to cook, clean, and take care of things that most in our culture take for granted. Many of my findings have been in the kitchen making new concoctions of blended smoothies, soups, and new ingredients; new for me anyways. My friend Mary Beauchamp as done some great work and posted some similar findings to her blogspot. Check it out here if you want to treat yourself to some good health in your own kitchen .
Also, you can click on the link below and it will take you to some amazing power foods that I have been trying myself. 7% of the proceeds will go directly back to local artists. Thanks.

Support local musicians and be healthy

That is all for now. But I look forward to sharing stories and ideas of creating a strong and vibrant community throughout San Francisco and beyond. Please share your ideas and concepts here by leaving a comment. I hope to make a forum in the near future in regards to bike routes, underground music parties, and the sorts. Blessings from Conrad, Justin

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