Studio Details

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We have 4 main recording rooms totaling 1000 square feet — plenty of space for a big band.

  • Studio A is our main mixing room but also can double as a vocal or instrument booth
  • Studio B is our main band room, 22′ by 40′, large enough to easily fit a drum sectional and multiple instrumentalists and vocalists if needed
  • Studio C is our best isolation room. We usually do overdubs in this room and a great space with visuals to the other rooms for vocalists and band leaders
  • Studio D is another mixing and mastering room that can also double as an isolation booth or room for an amp, or some extra separation for quality post production work


  • Ableton Live is our preferred platform. We also have Pro Tools & Logic with engineers that know them well.
  • Mixing and mastering plug-ins galore!
  • Samples banks of all instruments, controlled through midi by touch, keys, or drum pad.


  • X32 Behringer; 48 inputs and 16 sends allows for any multi-tracking option to take place
  • X32 Rack + expansion boxes for recording live shows and for wiring the separate 4 iso rooms
  • Microphones:
    • Blue Baby Bottle
    • Shure KSM27
    • MXL 993 Condensor
    • Sennheiser E 835
    • Sennheiser MD421
    • Shure beta 58
    • Shure 57’s, 58’s
  • Preamps:
    • Focusrite ISA One FF
    • MPA Gold


Use of additional instruments or special equipment can either be included in some sessions or rented additionally depending on the hours and time spent here at Soul Graffiti Studios.

  • Guitar amps:
    • Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb
    • Vox Pathfinder 15R
    • Fender Blues
    • Crate GX15R
  • Guitars:
    • Fender electric guitar
    • Taylor 512
    • Tres
  • Bass amps
    • Ampeg BA210
  • 2 Yamaha 88 weighted-key pianos
  • Midi keyboards: Oxygen49, Akai max49
  • Moog, Moog Phatty simulator
  • Wind instruments available upon request
  • Violin, bass, and other instruments upon request
  • All drums available upon request